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Welcome to JID Investments LLC.


Founded in 2013, and with offices in with offices in Fairfax County, Virginia and Hilton Head, South Carolina, JID Investments LLC (JIDI) is a limited liability company that seeks to secure high yield returns with medium risk by providing investment capital to individuals and businesses with viable real estate, business and/or investment opportunities primarily operating in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Statistical Area, Mid-Atlantic and South Atlantic real estate markets. JIDI strives to participate in projects that provide our investors an annual return on investment of at least 15%-20% (pending project type). A full Business Profile, with complete details, including project examples and documentation is available for review.

JIDI’s business strategy is designed to form long lasting business relationships with developing to well-established companies. Our goal is to be an integral part of their financial success by: 1) funding their ventures and earning our desired returns; 2) continuously focusing on the growth of our business relationships, and 3) increasing the number of investors and capital for future projects. JIDI is currently working with several business partners and has funded numerous projects with additional opportunities slated for the following months. Investments in these projects are supported with sufficient collateral, guarantees, and insurances to protect invested capital.


JIDI offers the following:


  • Funding opportunities and loans for short term (6-12months) and longer term (up to 42 months) projects.  See Funding Services page for more information.


  • Investment opportunities are provided to approved accredited investors through JIDI’s individual project offerings and Private Placement Memorandums.  See Investment Services tab for more information.


 If you need to speak us about a general inquiry, please fill in the form and we will call you back as soon as possible.

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