Opportunity Zone Investing

Opportunity Zones can be a tremendous investment strategy for investors looking to shelter capital gains while providing critical funding to help grow socio-economically depressed areas. While the 10% reduction in basis may have gone away at the end of 2021, there are still so many tremendous benefits to this program. Check out this article discussing the recent surge in Opportunity Zone investing.

OZ Investments Surge As the Program Attempts to Emerge From the Uncertainty of its Early Years.

JID Investments had a very successful Opportunity Zone fund in 2021 and we are continuing this fund in 2022. For more information on Opportunity Zone investments, please reach out to us!

JIDI 2021 End-of-Year Newsletter

Happy New Year and welcome to the JID Investments LLC (JIDI) 2021 Year-End Newsletter. It’s been a challenging year given the impacts of COVID-19 and economic recession, but JIDI continues to thrive. Some highlights from 2021 include:

  • 40 new investors joined our company (170 total)
  • We have eight current projects and total assets under management exceed $26M
  • Construction completed on Peninsula 88 in June and investors began receiving distributions in November. Project close-out in 2nd Quarter 2022.
  • Construction of Rialto continues to go well and should be complete in early 2022
  • New investments in residential and industrial projects
  • JIDI launched its first Opportunity Zone fund

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Real Estate (Un)Success Stories features JID Investments, LLC (part II)

JID Investments founder and COO, John Rubino was featured for a second time on a recent Real Estate (Un)Success Stories podcast with with Cody Lewis where they discuss the importance of communication and the art of building and maintaining relationships with investors. Check out the following iTunes link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-importance-of-relationships-with-john-rubino/id1567235916?i=1000529493070

The Real Estate Syndication Show

JID Investments LLC (JIDI) teams up with Whitney Sewell of the Real Estate Syndication Show to discuss Real Estate Investment, Syndication and Raising Capital. This was JIDI’s second interview with Whitney.

Finding and bringing on new investors, managing the process of accreditation, and building on those relationships to help scale your business can become a challenging topic, for new careers and old.